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We are looking for good partners working eith us to tell customers about the charm of sake.

What we provide you

Over 5000 items a year from more than 400 makers.

Now we handle over 5000 items a year from more than 400 makers. We can propose and supply selected products that meet the needs of our customers.

Information about the Makers

Over 5000 items a year from more than 400 makers.

Each maker has a history, philosophy, thought, and passion. We will share their story with you based on the relationship of trust with makers that we have been cultivating over a long period of time.

Bridge between makers and customers

We will sincerely support you on various problems when you import sake. ( building connections with makers, language barriers, etc. ) We will work as a bridge so that customers and makers can smoothly export and import products.

Product Development

We are currently working with over 30 sake breweries to develop new products. While hearing from the breweries about the sake that they aim to make, we deliver to the brewery the information about the needs of the current market. With the collaboration with SAKE-SHOW YAMADA and breweries,we can develop new products like OEM items to meet the needs of overseas customers that are not found in Japan.

Education for staffs and customers

Just as wine requires expertise, selling sake also requires expertise about sake. It is also important for customers to have a correct knowledge about sake. Our company, SAKE-SHOW YAMADA, is a professional team of sake. Therefore we can provide education so that your staff and customers deepen their understanding of sake and enjoy it more deliciously.

Export infomation, documents...

We will take the lead in responding as necessary, such as making basic documents, invoices and packing lists, registering products according to each country's rules, and issuing certificates of origin.

About Company

Company Profile

Established in : 1931
Capital :JPY 10,000,000
President :YAMADA Junji
Founded in :2004

Our History

1931 Established in Hiroshima as YAMADA SHOTEN.
1990Started a new business specialized in JAPANESE LIQUORS.

Differentiation from other sake shops
-Quit the sales of mass-produced beer
-Looking for good quality sake from small breweries

2001The head office and shop, UJINA HONTEN opened.
2004Founded as a corporation, SAKE-SHOW YAMADA Inc.
2011The retail shop, NOBORICHOTEN, opened.
2015A wholesale license was granted.
2016The first export to Hong Kong.
Started development of PB items with breweries.
2017The retail shop, EDION-TSUTAYA KADENTEN, opened.
2018The retail shop, HACCHOBORITEN, opened.
2021Started focusing in export
2022The retail shop, SEIBU-IKEBUKUROTEN, opened.

Our Business